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(Left: Obe Keno, Right: Mr Uchenna)

I, Obe Keno, am so glad to welcome YOU to Episode 3 of the YOUNG AND BOOKED SERIES.

Here with me today, is our guest, (DRUMROLL PLEASE!) a very passionate Book Influencer/Publicist, Mr Uchenna Nnabugwu. And he is going to answer some pretty interesting questions for us, so please grab some popcorn/a friend if you can, stay tuned and ENJOY!.

Keno: (smiling brightly) Welcome to the YOUNG AND BOOKED Series Mr Uchenna, thank you for having this interview.

Mr Uchenna: (smiles) Thank you Keno, for having me as a guest on this amazing series, I love what you’re doing on this blog and to everyone reading this, THANK YOU.

Keno: Absolutely. Dear YOU reading this, your support on the YAB Series is a big part of WHY we keep going!. Now, to kick things off Mr Uchenna, I’ll start by spilling the first question we have for you today….. How did you get started with book influencing, what led to it?.

Mr Uchenna: I’ve always been a lover of books since my Primary School days. I just read what I could lay my hands on back then, without thinking too much about the genre.
Then in Dec 2019, I decided to take it to Instagram after discovering the Bookstagram community.

(*For those who’re unaware, Bookstagram is Instagram’s book lovers’ community where you just can’t share “too much” about books and you get to interact with other book lovers!.)

Keno: (nods) Interesting. The good old Primary School days lol!. Question 2, What does a typical day in your week as a Book Publicist look like?.

Mr Uchenna: (smiles) Well, a typical day in my week involves dealing with chores first because I live with my parents, and I’m the only child available. Then I do some reading. If I have content to create that day, I’d think of the type of content (concept), do my audio research, write out my ideas for the content, get my outfits ready if I have to change clothes, set my shooting equipment, my mirror which I use in viewing myself as I shoot most of the content myself.
When all set, I go-ahead to shoot my content which sometimes can take up to 2 hours, depending on the content type (like if it involves a lot more transition).
Then I edit my videos, write out the caption and finally the posting happens.

Keno: (shakes head in awe) Wow….. That is a lot. I mean, we see an interesting post on IG and don’t really think of the work that goes into creating it. Content creating is definitely not a piece of pie in any niche but judging from your Instagram posts you’re really killing it!. Which brings me to Question 3, What advice would you give to a Book Influencer/Publicist who’s just starting out?.

Mr Uchenna: (smiles) My advice would go like this: Be authentic. Do you. Don’t be afraid to show your true self as that would also contribute to you standing out from the crowd.
Also, don’t feel pressured to read ALL the books you see on bookstagram and define what “consistency” is for you.

Keno: (smiles and nods) That is such a good advice, Mr Uchenna. Question 4, What are your favorite tools for creating bookish content for social media?.

Mr Uchenna: They’re just four: my phone, my tripod, LED light and of course, the books!.

Keno: (smiles) Okay!. Question 5, What has been your greatest struggle as a book influencer/publicist in Nigeria?.

Mr Uchenna: My greatest struggle is getting access to books. And for creating content, NEPA is the struggle!. (*inserts crying emoji)

Keno: (laughs) We all can relate to the NEPA struggles in Nigeria!. It really terrible….. this brings me to Question 6, What keeps you going? Why haven’t you thrown in the towel despite these struggles?.

Mr Uchenna: (smiles) What has kept me going is simple: I love what I do.
This is why I tell people that when choosing a niche, you should go with something you are most interested in, something you would not easily get tired of.

(*niche: a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment)

Keno: True and important words. “Do what you love”. Question 7, What do you believe is the #1 key to succeeding as a book influencer?

Mr Uchenna: I believe the most important thing is this: Be your true self and put in the work!.

Keno: (nods) Great answer!. Question 8, Which person or people have most accelerated your growth?

Mr Uchenna: Every reader I’ve connected with on the Bookstagram space has contributed to my growth. From @lipglossmaffia who recommended books and gave me some tips, to the many other readers I continue to meet along the way.

Keno: (smiles) The Bookstagram space is really quite supportive—bound by our love for books. Question 9, What is most rewarding for you about book influencing and what are your top 3 goals as a Book Influencer?.

Mr Uchenna: (smiles) Honestly, I’d say it’s rewarding being able to read more books and some of them become my favorites. And my top 3 goals as a Book Influencer are:
1-Promoting the reading culture.
2-Sometimes I try to pass the message that “Reading is not boring and can be fun” through my content.
3-Recommending books that deserve to be read by more people.

Keno: (nods) Those are worthy goals!. Question 10, What genre of books do you enjoy reading/publicizing?.

Mr Uchenna: I enjoy reading and publicizing books by Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC).

Keno: (nods slowly) Okay. That is interesting….. Question 11, How do you measure success as a book influencer?.

Mr Uchenna: Success is something personal and how we measure or define it is up to each individual.
As for me, I measure success through my reading growth, consistency and how well I passed the message about a book through my content.

Keno: (smiles) That sounds good….. Question 12, What can you 100% proudly boast of when it comes to your brand i.e the way you publicize books?.

Mr Uchenna: That’ll be this— I always come through with my content!.

Keno: (smiles and nods) And you came through with this interview!….It was really delightful having you with us, Mr Uchenna. Thank you for this interview and for being our guest on the YOUNG AND BOOKED Series.

Mr Uchenna: It was a pleasure to do this with you. Thanks for having me. Dear Readers, I would LOVE to connect with you on Instagram and YouTube.

Keno: Also, amazing readers, please follow our Instagram page @taleofthebook if you aren’t already doing so!.

Be your true self and put in the work!.

-Book Publicist Uchenna.

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Thank you for reading YOUNG AND BOOKED Series 1: Episode 3. You are AMAZING!. See you on the next Episode!.

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