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My Review Policy

Getting a request to review a book (be it an ARC-Advanced Review Copy or a Published Copy) from an author, publisher, publicist or a friend is something I love and look forward to.


~If you are interested in requesting this service you should know that the reviews I write/share are as unbiased and sincere as I can make them. I believe myself to be quite efficient in the sector of reviewing books.The reviews contain a summary of the plot, my thoughts, book details (author, publisher,genre etc), rating (eg. 4 stars) and the book’s cover image.
~I prefer to share a blog post reviewing a book I finished and enjoyed. If I did not enjoy and/or did not finish a book there is no guarantee that I will publicly review it. In such a case, I may let the sender/owner know my reasons (or give a private review) politely.
~I accept to review both Press Published and Self Published books. Both ARCs and already Published Copies are welcome. I only accept the EPub/PDF format or physical books. I prefer a book that is not more than a maximum of three hundred and fifty(350) pages.
The Fictional genres I prefer are:
  • Coming of Age/Young Adult/Teens
  • Christian Romance
  • Mystery/Thriller/Horror
  • Contemporary
  • True Crime
The Non-Fictional genres I prefer are:
  • Religion/Spirituality(Christian)
  • Mental Health
  • Life Lessons
  • Biographies/Memoirs
  • Self Help
  • Autobiographies
~The time between approval/collection of the book & sharing my review will be a maximum of two (2) months.
~After reading the book,I may send a copy of my review to the author before sharing it on my blog. If the book is an already published copy, I may also share my review on Goodreads.

Please note: This Policy should be read properly before this service is requested. If you request this service, I will assume that you have READ, COMPREHENDED & ACCEPTED this Policy.

Are you interested in this service?. Terrific!. Let’s get that book of yours reviewed!.
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