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Discover Your Next Read

Hello! Hello!!

So glad you’re here!

If you sometimes struggle with deciding what to read next if you have a specific need or desire (eg you’re a fan of thriller/mystery novels), this is for you!

Every Saturday through a short video, I’ll be saving you the stress of going through the heaps of books you’ll find on the internet by giving you top-notch book recommendations and going in-depth into WHY you should pick one book over the (probably) millions of others of its kind that exist!

And of course, I’ll be taking requests on what type of books you need recommendations on in my Instagram stories every week!

So if YOU’RE SEARCHING for your next read on a particular topic or genre, don’t forget to let me know!

NOTE: this episodes of this series will be shared primarily on Instagram and Tiktok!

However, short excerpts will be shared here! I hope you find this series to be both interesting and helpful!

EPISODE 1 | Here’s What You Can Read Next If You Struggle With Going After Your Dreams

EPISODE 2 | Here’s What You Can Read Next If You’re Interested In Christian Fiction

EPISODE 3 | Here’s What You Can Read Next If You Like Tearjerkers/Sad Books