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Here’s What You Can Read Next If You Struggle With Going After Your Dreams

Motivation is not enough. Yes, it is not enough to just be motivated when going after your dreams!

If you have a dream or a good idea, naturally you may feel very motivated and ready to go!

But what actually takes you through to the end of that goal? What actually helps you achieve that dream or implement that idea?

I’m Obe Keno and this is Episode 1 of the What You Can Read Next (WYCRN) series!

(It is basically a series in which I’ll be saving you the stress of going through the heaps of books you’ll find on the internet by giving you book recommendations on a specific need or desire you have, such as you’re interested in learning more about the Nigerian colonialism, or you’re a fan of Mystery novels!…)

This episode is on what you can read next if you struggle with going after your dreams (and to be honest, who doesn’t?….)

We all have dreams, goals and ideas but sometimes we may struggle to actually act on them because we all have fears and limitations that may hold us back.

Here are my top 2 book recommendations for you, if you struggle with going after your dreams. You will find them to be literal lifesavers!

You can find out what they are if you watch this video.

After you watch, let me know if you would read any of those books!

Or if you’ve read any of them, you can share your personal opinion about them in the comments, it might be helpful to someone else!


Published by Obe Keno

Hi, I’m Keno🙋🏻‍♀️ ~ I’m a writer ~ I review/publicize books 📚 ~ I Interview YOUNG ADULTS in the 🇳🇬 Nigerian Book Industry ~ Currently studying psychology ~ Believer in Christ ♥️💐

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