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Why I created “Tale of the Book” blog.

So why did I create a book blog?.

The obvious answer to that is because I love books and sharing the love seemed like a good idea of course, but I’ll go a little bit in depth into why I’m book blogging over here. So grab some popcorn I guess!.

I vividly remember when I became fully enraptured by books. Of course it did not happen in a day, but this was the highlight of the beginning.So there I was, a kid in primary school and it was a holiday. I was having a particularly boring day so when a relative of ours that came by dropped off some storybooks for I and my sister, I desperately hoped they’d entertain us.

And entertain us they did!. What got me interested at first was the book’s cover design. It told a story on its own (quick shout out to book cover designers!). I cannot remember what the title of the book was but I have a vague recollection of what it was about. It was by a Nigerian Author. Something along the lines of a diligent young girl being forced by her parents to marry a rich old man in order to save them all from the ruins of poverty.

Popular theme in Nigerian storybooks (AND movies) IYKYK!. I remember becoming slowly hooked by the plot. It was almost magical. I mean in reality, I was here; sprawled out on a chair, flipping through a book. But then I was also there; caught up in the world the author had created just with words (Eureka moment 1!).

It went downhill (or should I say uphill?) from there.I wanted to read ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. I read my school required literature along with my sister’s, short stories in English and Literature textbooks, library books, and I still wanted MORE!. I’d read all day and then through the night sometimes.

I may have tried once (or five times, who was counting you know?) to work my own magic, that is, to create my own book. I haven’t completed any though. I still dream of being a successful Author someday.

One day in March, I was thinking about the things I’m passionate about and how to use my skills. Books of course came to mind (Eureka moment 2!). And after doing some research I decided it’s a very good idea to use and hone both my reading/writing skills by blogging about books!

And THAT is exactly why I’ve created and now welcome you to my book blog “Tale of the Book” where I will share exciting reviews of books I read!. Along with other book-loving related themes.

Curious about my blog name?. I named it that way because I intend to make my reviews as captivating as a good book. Hopefully, you’ll see them as a form of written magic that way!.

Can you relate to this?. Have you ever had an Eureka moment?. When you FOUND something worth investing your time and energy in? It doesn’t have to be books. Whatever it may be, why don’t you share it with us in the comment section?. (You can also share a link for us to access your passion!.)

Yours Truly,
Keno✍️ .

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Published by Obe Keno

Hi, I’m Keno🙋🏻‍♀️ ~ I’m a writer ~ I review/publicize books 📚 ~ I Interview YOUNG ADULTS in the 🇳🇬 Nigerian Book Industry ~ Currently studying psychology ~ Believer in Christ ♥️💐

14 thoughts on “Why I created “Tale of the Book” blog.

  1. This is great ❤️
    I’ve found something’s worth investing my time in and one of them isn’t books lol…
    I don’t like reading that’s not related to school exams but I love music so much..
    Started playing the bass guitar when I was like 11 then the piano when I was 12…

    I found out I have passion for music when I’d always get angry when I hear any sound that doesn’t align to me or makes any sense to my ear..I remember I’ll play the bass guitar before going to school every morning lol..makes me feel good even though the guitar was bigger than me..

    That’s it…
    Great job Keno
    I pray I learn how to read books

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