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Keno Reviews “The Night And Its Tales” by Onwuneme Yahwedalu Miracle.

Here’s a book I could NOT wait to review, even while I was reading it. It’s rare to find a book that makes you feel so seen/understood and so I felt glad, excited to share. Read more….

Keno Reviews “Purple Hibiscus” by Adichie Chimamanda.

Domestic and Child violence/abuse are very sensitive and important topics (& controversial topics in Nigeria) and Adichie….(read more)

3 Lessons I Picked From “THE SHACK” By William P. Young

The Shack is a very controversial book, lots of people have lots of opinions about it (just google its reviews!)…. here are the lessons I picked from it…..

Keno Reviews “WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS” by Adichie Chimamanda.

The word “FEMINIST” has had negative associations to it for so long. Join me, as I air my thoughts on feminism and this book. You can air yours too…..