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(Left: Obe Keno, Right: Ms Osas)

It’s been so quiet on this blog for a few months….. Well the show is about to continue once more!. Hit the lights!. Slide open the curtains!. Drum rooolllll!!!!🥁🥁

I, Obe Keno, am so glad to welcome YOU to Episode 14 of the YOUNG AND BOOKED SERIES.

Here with me today, is our guest. Meet Ms Osas Idubor, an award-winning writer, and bestselling author with Africa’s foremost leading digital book stores, Okadabooks and Bambooks.

She is going to answer a few insightful questions about herself, her journey and perspective as a young author in Nigeria for us, and I know you’ll enjoy it so please grab some popcorn/a friend if you can, stay tuned and ENJOY!.

Keno: (smiling brightly) Welcome to the YOUNG AND BOOKED Series Ms Osas, thank you for having this interview.

Ms Osas : (smiles) Thank you Keno, for having me as a guest on this amazing series, I love what you’re doing on this blog!.

*pssst….Hey YOU reading this, thank you for joining us in promoting the Nigerian Book Industry!.

Keno: (smiles) Alright, I’ll begin by spilling the first question we have for you today…..What is your goal as an author?.

Ms Osas: To entertain: to keep churning out as many beautiful pieces as possible. The kinds of books that will keep my fans hooked from the first to the last sentence—books that they wouldn’t even dare cheat on with other books. But away from writing, I’ve made and continue to make conscious efforts towards having a platform that will be of so much help to entrepreneurs and writers who trade words for a living……I mean, there is no harm in providing helpful tips, advice, and assistance to intending writers or entrepreneurs so as to aid their journey, because I understand all too well that a candle never loses its flame from lighting another…….It comes with great and profound joy to constantly utilise my platform and pour myself into people who are all too serious and ready to take the necessary steps towards becoming better than they were the day before. And in doing so, I’m equally learning!.

Keno: (nods) Wow…. that’s interesting. I can really feel your passion through your words. Question 2, As a young author in Nigeria, what has been your greatest struggle?.

Ms Osas: (smiles) In my early career days, I would say I had a lot of challenges, but now I’m rather helping others overcome some of those challenges because a lot has changed……What changed for me was going back to the drawing board, taking the pain to research and try out new strategies and options, and rather slowly but surely, things began to work differently and still do.

Keno: (smiles and nods) Question 3, Do you read a lot of books? If yes, do you believe that being an avid reader has contributed to your being a great writer?.

Ms Osas: (smiles) Oh, yes, I do. Reading is an obsession of mine that hasn’t waned over time. I love to read, and yes, reading has been instrumental to my growth as a writer. As a writer, almost any piece one can lay their hands on should be consumed by them. Reading both the good and bad writings will no doubt help in no small way. You would know what to write about and, similarly, what to avoid or how best to avoid wounding up terrible pieces.

Keno: That’s definitely true. Reading builds you up as a writer.. Question 4, How do you select the names of your characters?.

Ms Osas: They come to me. The same way I get random bursts of story ideas, is the same way I get told by my characters what they want to be called……And for the ones who play hide and seek with me, I name them based on their personalities, physiques, or character traits. Cynthia, for example, has to be the loud one, the one who equally chews gum obnoxiously or loudly. I wouldn’t choose a calm or odd name to go with such a character……Amarachi has to be the one with the firm, round buttocks. Thick in all the right places, she knows she is a 10, and that is why she is so cocky. But is she sweet, even though that sweetness appears once every blue moon Or maybe with the right man, she would loosen up completely. I wouldn’t name Amarachi, Felicity for example.

Keno: (smiles) Wow, to really think about it, it’s really great when a character’s name and personality matches. Question 5, What advice would you give to a writer working on their first book?.

Ms Osas: A lot, and for the purpose of this interview, we might not be able to exhaust all of the pieces of advice I might have at my disposal. But the most important thing will be for them to be themselves and write as naturally as they can, after which they can always go back and rewrite the scenes or chapters that don’t quite appeal to them or the work itself. Suffice it to say, a terrible mistake would be for them to treat their first draft as their final draft. There is also the issue of grammar, the incorrect use of punctuation marks, and sentence variation, which is why they need to run their pieces by editors. See, as long as it’s your writing, you are going to have a hard time figuring out majority of the things that are out of place, and that is because love must have taken place. You might just be too in love with and attached to the pieces to ever be able to detect a mistake. So employing extra eyes would be such a good thing to do. They should also be willing to go for a catchy book blurb and cover art. I can understand that some of these services are rather expensive for new writers just venturing into the publishing field, but there are creatives whose fees are at subsidised rates, and I’m glad I’m one of such people. Because I understand too well how important it is for a story that needs to be told to be out there for the right audience to consume.

Keno: (laughs) Wholesome advice, Ms Osas. Appreciate your honesty. Question 6, What genre of fiction do you prefer to read and/or write?.

Ms Osas: (smiles) I read almost everything I can lay my hands on. So, no, I don’t have specific preferences. The same goes for my writing, and I’m quite a versatile writer. I do all kinds of writing but I have such a keen interest in writing and publishing romance fiction.

Keno: (nods) That’s lovely. Question 7, What drove or inspired you to write your first novel?.

Ms Osas: It was due to the demand that came in for it from people, most especially folks during my undergrad days. Coincidentally, I had this story idea that I couldn’t fit into a short story. So I got down to business and gave it my all. That is not to say I didn’t constantly feel nervous about the entire publishing process and kept asking myself questions, but seeing how I was able to answer those honest and interesting questions, I went on ahead to have the book published, and boy was it thoroughly received. Everyone loved how unpredictable the story was. Everyone talked about the suspense, and although I made a conscious effort to make sure there was enough suspense in the first place, hearing all about it from people after they consumed the piece felt so refreshing. I knew I had made a great first impression.

Keno: (smiles & nods) I love that!. Having your first book being so well received must have really encouraged you. Question 8, In which of your books have you really done all you could to pass on a specific message?. What is the message, and why was it so important that you share it?.

Ms Osas: “ETEL”. The story needed to be written and read. Etel tells the story of a girl who was forced to leave the house by her guardians and the community that was meant to protect her because she, unfortunately, got raped. In their own minds, they felt it was her fault. They felt her skimpy outfits were responsible, and I needed to let people know how much of a rape apologist they were if they had and encourage similar thoughts. A man should be able to control himself and his hormones, and these were some of the things that needed to be known. It wasn’t Etel’s fault that she got raped; the b*stard who did that to her should have been reprimanded, beaten, and locked behind bars. Proper attention should have been given to Etel. She should have been given proper medical care as well, not made to feel that she was largely at fault.

Keno: (nods) That’s definitely an important message, I’m sure many others would agree. “ETEL” sounds like a valuable book. Finally, Question 9, What do you feel is the best way to market books as an author?.

Ms Osas: There are lots of ways one could market their books, which is why platforms like the Zero Authorpreneurship Network Africa, was birthed by me. To help solve as well as provide helpful tips, advice, and whatnot to budding authors. But on the spot, I’d say, talk about your books as often as you can; there is no shame in selling yourself rather unapologetically. Although a great deal of moderation still needs to be applied. Post excerpts of your books, and before talking about marketing, be sure you’ve done a great job with the book cover design and blurb (after you’ve done a great job with the story itself). Because these are some of the things that will no doubt be of interest at first glance to the people who are meant to purchase your books. Again, be ready to spend money. Sometimes, you need big money for small moves, and this thing called marketing needs the right amount of funding.

Keno: (smiles) Thank you for sharing that!…..It was really delightful having you with us, Ms Osas. Thank you for this interview and for being our guest on the YOUNG AND BOOKED Series.

Ms Osas: It was a pleasure to do this with you. Thanks for having me. Dear Readers, I would LOVE to connect with you on Instagram.

Keno: Also, this is your invitation to join our Instagram community @taleofthebook if you aren’t already with us!. And you might want to check out Ms Osas Idubor’s book “ETEL” . It is very affordable and you may enjoy it!.

My advice for first-time authors:
Don’t treat your first draft as your final draft. Write as naturally as you can. Employ extra eyes to read/review your book. Go for a catchy book blurb and cover art!

-Author Osas

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