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(Left: Obe Keno, Right: Ms Uduakobong)

I, Obe Keno, am thrilled to welcome YOU to Episode 9 of the YOUNG AND BOOKED SERIES.

Here with me today, is our guest. Meet Ms Uduakobong Eshiet , a Book Cover Designer who works at a publishing firm in Nigeria called Ifeadigho Publishing.

She is going to answer eleven(11) very insightful questions about herself, giving her perspective as an Book Cover Designer/Publishing Company staff in Nigeria for us, so please grab some popcorn/a friend if you can, stay tuned and ENJOY!.

Keno: (smiling brightly) A warm welcome to the YOUNG AND BOOKED Series Ms Uduakobong, thank you for having this interview.

Ms Uduakobong: (smiles) Thank you Keno, for having me as a guest on this amazing series, this is such a special thing you’re doing on the blog and if you’re reading this, THANK YOU.

Keno: Absolutely. Hey you, yes YOU reading this, thank you for joining us in promoting the Nigerian Book Industry!. Now, let’s get into the interview proper, Ms Uduakobong, I’ll start by asking the first question…..As someone who works with a Publishing Firm, what kind of books do you feel we need more of in Nigeria, by Nigerian authors?.

Ms Uduakobong: (smiles) I feel we need more personal development books for teenagers and youths.

Keno: (smiles & nods) Okay….Interesting. Question 2, What do you find most interesting or enjoyable about the publishing process?.

Ms Uduakobong: (smiles) Well, for us at Ifeadigo, we do things differently. We are a self-publishing company. We are not just concerned with publishing your book, we take you from idea to conceptualization. We publish books that meet International standard. We provide authors with all the resources they need to have a successful book in the market. So, the most interesting and enjoyable thing about the publishing process is that we treat every book project like it were ours. We carry the author along at every stage. We make them a part of the process and we see to it that the author’s expectations are met.

Keno: (nods) That sounds nice. Question 3, you design Book Covers. What app or apps do you use?.

Ms Uduakobong: I make use of Canva mobile app.

Keno: (nods) Okay. Question 4, When and how did you get into the Book Cover Designing?.

Ms Uduakobong: (smiles) As a graphics designer, I gained knowledge on e-book cover design, and I designed a number of book covers for authors……As I improved on my craft, I officially started designing book covers for Ifeadigo Publishing Company in January 2022.

Keno: (smiles) That’s nice. Question 5, How did you start working with Ifeadigo publishing company?.

Ms Uduakobong: Interesting question….Before the official launch of Ifeadigo Publishing Company Limited, I was fortunate to be a close mentee of the co-founder—Mr. Stanley Umezulike. I was (still am) a huge fan of him. I was fortunate to be a part of the idea inception, and the process of making it a reality. In April, 2021, I was given the offer of being the company’s social media manager. It was a great honor to be found worthy of such an esteemed position. I gladly accepted, and it’s been an amazing journey working with/for Ifeadigo Publishing Company Limited.

Keno: (smiles & nods) Okay….. Question 6, What is your favorite thing about working with a publishing company?.

Ms Uduakobong: (smiles) My favorite thing about working with Ifeadigo Publishing Company is the flexibility that comes with my job role. I have garnered knowledge (to my surprise) on book publishing process and I can freely provide answers to the needs of authors. I get the opportunity to relate with writers, and authors and amazingly enlighten them on what book publishing entails. I appreciate the guidance I get from my bosses. Whenever something is not clear to me, they are always willing to put me through.

Keno: (nods) That sounds so nice…. Question 7, What is one random but important thing you wish people would know when it comes to the Nigerian Book Industry?.

Ms Uduakobong: One thing I would want people to know about the Nigerian Book Industry is that the industry is rich with a lot of young talents who should be given a voice to tell their own unique stories.I feel more attention is being paid to the authors who are already in the limelight.

Keno: ;Wow…. that is quite a viewpoint. Question 8, How do you know when a book cover you designed is good-to-go?.

Ms Uduakobong: Before a book cover is accepted, it goes through a series of revisions to meet the expectations of the author.

Keno: Okay….. Question 9, Who is your all-time favorite Nigerian author?.

Ms Uduakobong: (smiles) My favorite Nigerian author is Helon Habila, author of “Measuring Time”.

Keno: (nods) Interesting….. Question 10, What advice would you give to a newbie on designing book covers?.

Ms Uduakobong: (smiles) I think before anyone sets out to become a book cover designer, he/she should have basic knowledge on design. You can’t just wake up one morning and decide to be a book cover designer without understanding design principles. Book cover design goes beyond putting texts and images together. My advice? Get the knowledge you need to stand out as a book cover designer, be willing to take corrections, improve daily, practice, connect with people in your niche, be willing and ready to learn. Also, learn how to accept criticisms because you’ll get a truckload of them.

Keno: (smiles) Great advice….I hope it helps someone reading this….. Question 11, What is something you can 100% boast about when it comes to your brand, YUDEE GRAPHICS?.

Ms Uduakobong: I don’t know if a 100% is allowed here (laughs). I’m proud of its steady growth and the fact that YUDEE GRAPHICS has successfully completed, satisfactorily, a number of design projects for Ifeadigo Publishing Company Limited, individuals and other brands.

Keno: (smiles) That’s lovely…..Thank you, Ms Uduakobong for this interview and for being our guest on the YOUNG AND BOOKED Series.

Ms Uduakobong: It was lovely to do this with you, Keno. Thanks for having me. Dear Readers, I would LOVE to connect with you on Instagram.

Keno: Also, this is your invitation to join our community: @taleofthebook on Instagram if you aren’t already a part!.

One thing I would want people to know about the Nigerian Book Industry is that the industry is rich with a lot of young talents who should be given a voice to tell their own unique stories.I feel more attention is being paid to the authors who are already in the limelight.

-Book Cover Designer UD

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Thank you for reading YOUNG AND BOOKED Series 1: Episode 9. You are such an AMAZING human!. See you on the next Episode!.

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