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NetGalley ARC review- “All We Could Still Have” by Diane Barnes

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Book Title: All We could Still Have.
Author: Diane Barnes
To Be Published: June 13, 2023.
My Rating: 3.92/5.0. A realistic novel on Marriage, Family, Infertility, Adultery and many more(I RECOMMEND if those topics interest you!)

This is actually my first review of a NetGalley Advanced Reviewer’s Copy (ARC) on here.

For those unaware of this, an ARC is a common method used in the publishing world to generate reviews and attention for a book before it’s even published. And NetGalley is simply a platform that connects publishers and potential reviewers for books!.

Now let’s get right into the review proper!.

Book Blurb (Summary): This book is actually about a married couple: Kyle and Nicole Sebastian who who had a loving and healthy relationship until they were diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” and endure several failed rounds of IVF. Kyle, for both their sakes, is unwilling to bury them deeper in emotional and financial debt (IVF is expensive!) Desperate to have a baby, Nikki betrays Kyle’s trust in an attempt to try IVF one more time. The choice fractures their once-stable union. Now burdened with suspicion, resentment, and further grief, their little family is falling apart.

Big-hearted but tired Kyle. Patient but desperate Nicole. The main characters of this book are obviously human and flawed. The book takes a very realistic approach to what marriage often looks like.

It is honest, vulnerable, sometimes painful, sometimes joyful. The emotions, raw and relatable. Just like in real life and that is something I love to see when I read a book.

Kyle and Nicole, the main characters struggle in their marriage when they are unable to have children naturally and the strain of unsuccessful IVF operations finally get to them.

Not to give any spoilers, but they both make very unhealthy choices that brings their marriage closer to ruin.

They look back and see that they have lost the true meaning of their marriage: love and respect in the quest for a child. How do they resolve the messes they created and save their marriage?.

Well they had to focus on “All They Could Still Have”. The story ended very happily which is something I sort of saw coming and did not like.

I prefer when a book is more unpredictable and this one was not. I could correctly predict what was going to happen before it did. However I do like happy endings!.

Kudos to the author, Diane Barnes for her awesome character development and writing style. I would definitely read a book by her again and I would recommend this book to anybody as it holds some invaluable life lessons (even if you’re not married or trying to have a baby)!.

Thanks to NETGALLEY and the publishers of this book for letting me read and review it!.

Did you enjoy this review?. Would you like to read this book?. Please let me know your thoughts about it in the comment section below!.

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